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        News Overview
        Mar 2017
        The company independently developed gas turbine flowmeter to obtain utility model patent certificate, see the certificate
        Sept 2016
        The company independently developed KRF RF Admittance Level Gauge to obtain Chengde City Science and Technology Achievement Certificate, see Certificate
        May 2016
        The company independently developed KMR magnetostrictive level gauge to obtain the third prize of scientific and technological progress of Chengde City, see the certificate
        Aug 2013
        Our company successfully participated in the "24th China International Measurement Control and Instrumentation Exhibition"
        Aug 2012
        Our company is the medium oil group company as class a supplier,see the certificate
        Sep 2011
        We successfully participate in MICONEX2011
        The "22 nd multinational instruments academic conference and exhibition" (hereinafter referred to MICONEX2011), by Chinese instruments association,on August 30, 2011 in Beijing, China international exhibition center held. The exhibition consists of 5 exhibition hall, gathered in the 20 countries and the area more than 500 Chinese and foreign companies, nearly varieties instruments new product exhibited centrally, represents the current international measurement control and instrumentation of advanced technology.
        May 2011
        KROHNE VIP and users visit our company
        On May 18, 2011, KROHNE VIP and users visit our workshop and production equipment , the company leaderships and salesmen give the guests a detailed explanation and answered their questions patiently.
        May 2011
        We held the 20th anniversary celebration
        In appreciation of twenty years the masses of customers and external factory of our company's attention and support, we on May 17, 2011 late 20 anniversary celebration ceremony held thanks banquet, KROHNE group VIP, user representatives and outsourcing factory were represented in the company's celebration banquet.
        May 2011
        We have a talk with cooperation factory
        On May 17, 2011, the company leadership , purchasing staff and cooperation factory represents take a talk in the afternoon, the company leadership and collaboration factory representatives conduct an in-depth exchange of views, both sides hope to further strengthen cooperation.
        May 2011
        KROHNE group global sales meeting held in our company
        2011 May 16 to May 17, KROHNE group global sales meeting held in our company,from Germany, France, Britain, Canada, the United States, Russia, Australia, the Philippines, Brazil, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other nations represented at the conference.
        Apr 2011
        We take part in "the ninth China international nuclear power industry exhibition"
        April 6, in the afternoon, the ninth China international exhibition of the nuclear power industry in shenzhen conference and exhibition center official is opening, come from Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions, more than 300 nuclear power industry enterprises, scientific research institutions appear together, present their nuclear power development in the latest idea, the latest technology and the latest achievements.
        Aug 2009
        We win the 2009 "Chinese mechanical 500 strong" honorary title
        In the China machinery industry enterprise association, machinery industry economic management research institute, the world enterprise lab sponsor, the world handlers weekly, China mechanical nets the 2009 (th) "the China machinery 500 strong research report" conference of 2009, we win the" China mechanical 500 strong "honorary title.
        Jul 2009
        We win the 2009 "Chinese instruments top 20" honorary title
        Mar 2009
        KROHNE new OPTISWIRL 4070 C vortex flowmeter win the innovation of Hungarian international awards
        The 23th Hungarian international exhibition is held in Budapest innovation projects, OPTISWIRL 4070 C of KROHNE win the awards. Hungarian international innovation projects exhibition is held every year in Budapest, showing the latest information and control technology innovation, the space of exhibition takes more than 3500 square meters.
        Dec 2008
        On December 2008 the metal float flowmeter realization of automatic calibration and increase productivity
        Jul 2008
        2008 July nc networking implementation CAM project
        Apr 2008
        April 23 to 24,2008 KROHNE expert group come to company for internal quality audit
        Apr 2008
        April 21 to 22,2008 KROHNE group international quality meeting is held in our company
        Sep 2007
        Our company and chengde petroleum college school jointly organized the "hebei instrumentation engineering technology research center" through the argument acceptance
        In August 2007, our company and chengde petroleum college school jointly organized the hebei province instrumentation engineering technology research center demonstration is successfully held.
        Jun 2007
        June 1, 2007 Germany TUV certification institution completes the PED authentication and the ISO9001 quality system authentication
        Apr 2006
        Our company ISO9001 quality system through Germany TüV certificate
        Mar 2006
        In March 2006 the German KROHNE experts come to our company to guidance numerical control lathe processing
        Nov 2005
        Our company win the PED certificata issued by Germany TüV authentication